Firmware update for KASSE HK-1000 can be available on KASSE PC-Software.

This software is exclusive software for KASSE HK-1000. We recommend you to download and install the software after disconnect KASSE HK-1000 from computer. Installation may not be completed if power is shut down during the installation. Please refer to the FAQ for PC protection on Windows

Update History

– kasse
kasse_setup.exe md5 : e9607ec53866f9167365bddca7aca71a md5 : 7aac20912dbc0c1ee10ce5807760fe2c
kasse_setup.dmg md5 : 09586a75785f562ec93d9eba84cfabc8

– kasse
kasse_setup.exe md5 : a1075412980c3bb7989b1507c2ecdc15 md5 : 597c91b667eec1860630106d74f0036d

– kasse
kasse_setup.exe md5 : 5c82c8f69ec0968cc91b8af7ac2b1998 md5 : 107c4854ecf23b4bdc80318bb3c03d64

– Remittance protocol improvements
kasse_setup.exe md5 : 9abd8cdb3e2f042fb87c7942d2aa60ae md5 : ee2bb82e2207e2c40d4091eb4f4a34e9
kasse_setup.dmg md5 : d6e0653b779624af675fde4e0a12f779

– Update for Zcash Blossom

kasse_setup.exe md5 : 6e7fe780fc113ac5eabaaede79e7acf9 md5 : c14075439dc28f89d5b914ff364bec02
kasse_setup.dmg md5 : cb926a51484126a6301f7b51b1042aa6

– Qtum API update

kasse_setup.exe md5 : ed6732d75591cfc8ac7630b04242e734 md5 : 395aa63d414a4b900e945e970420aa36
kasse_setup.dmg md5 : d4736ab6bd38e0ae7a2ffb5d623f6e1a