[KASSE ERC20 Token Manual]

1)KASSE homepage > Support > Download.
Download the latest version of KASSE software.

2)- Execute and install KASSE software.

– After finishing the Initial Configuration, connect KASSE to your PC with the included USB cable.
– Enter the PIN code to unlock the KASSE. You can manage the KASSE with the KASSE software.
– Choose Ethereum.

3) Click the “ERC 20” button in the upper right corner at the Ethereum dashboard.

4) To add a frequently used ERC20 token, click the “Add” button in the upper right corner at the ERC20 Token pop-up.

5) Click the Token List and add a frequently used ERC 20 Token.

6) If the token you want to add is not on the list and has already transferred to your Ethereum wallet, click the “Search Token Tx” button at the lower side of ERC20 Token pop-up.

7) The previous move will open a window in your default browser which show the ERC20
Token transaction records for your KASSE ETH wallet on Etherscan.io
Select the token you would like to add to the token list.

8) Copy the Name, Address and Decimals and paste those information on the ‘Add ERC20 Token’ page as shown below. Click “Save” to continue.

9) Now you can find the ERC 20 Token in the ‘ERC Token’ list

Click the token to enter the management page.

10) You can view the transaction records and send your tokens at this page.
– Note that an Ethereum balance in your wallet is required for the gas cost of all kinds of ERC 20 token transactions.
– We recommend a Gas limit of 60000 as the transaction of ERC 20 tokens may involve more operations than a standard Ethereum transaction.
– The gas price will automatically adjust itself to the current gas price for a fast transaction, which is 9WEI at the time we made this manual, but you can always check ETH Gas Station for the current safe low price and manually enter the value.
– To return to the Ethereum wallet dashboard, simply click the “Ethereum” button in the upper right corner of the ERC 20 Token’s page.

1) Press both Button 1 & Button 2 and see if ‘Go to OLED test’ is showing.
If it doesn’t, a comprehensive test of the device is necessary. Please contact the seller for returns or refund.

2) If the ‘Go to OLED test’ normally shows, press the button for the ‘v’ on the top of the screen and keep continuing to next step.
At the final stage, press both Button 1 and Button 2 at the same time and see if it ended normally.
If it does, re-plug the cable once, and the device should start normally.

* For any further question, please turn to the Q&A page or contact the seller.

If the software is not installed, please download the software zip file in the download menu and install it.

You can recover your wallet with “Recovery mode” or “Wallet recovery” functions.

When the first booting after purchase your KASSE, you need to setup PIN Code (4 – 10 digits), Word list (3 – 24 random words),
and Passphrase.

You must record your Word list and passphrase on the recovery sheet and keep it in a safe place.

Setting up passphrase is optional, but it is recommended to add it for your personal information security

You can recover the same wallet on other KASSE hardware with the Word list and Passphrase.
The detail steps for recovery is in the KASSE manual.

Installation error messages may appear in the Explorer environment.

It has been confirmed by Microsoft’s Windows Defender SmartScreen to prevent the installation.

Please check the following steps to complete installation.

All cryptocurrencies have transaction fees when making transfers for the minors as they confirm transactions.

The transaction speed is related to the amount of transaction fee, so we recommend you to set the fee as Standard or High.

There is no fee taken by KASSE in regards to transferring cryptocurrencies.

It is configured to use 10 cryptocurrencies at the same time.

Currently, KASSE supports total 10 cryptocurrencies. The list will be kept updated. When the list is updated, upgrade your cryptocurrency wallet

software to use additional currencies.

However, when firmware is updated, the existed wallet is initialized, so it is recommended to record your Word list

and Passphrase on the recovery sheet before updating.

KASSE supports total 10 cryptocurrencies -Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Qtum, Ripple, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dash, ZCASH

The supported cryptocurrencies will be kept updated.

On some PCs, the “USB input device” installation error may occur.

In this case, remove the hardware wallet from the PC and connect it again to complete the USB input device installation.

On some PCs, Protection window is activated and blocks the KASSE software installation.

In this case, proceed as follows to complete installation.

1) Click ‘More Info’ in the PC protection alert window
2) Click ‘Run’ on the Additional Information.