Important Security Notice

KASSE is the most advanced security hardware with secure chip to protect private key. It is a Cold storage wallet that keeps cryptocurrency offline, away from any internet access.

The secure chip inside of KASSE stores private key and PIN code encrypted to prevent hacking attacks or security breaches.
The encrypted information cannot be leaked and nobody, including KASSE team, can check the information. However, the safety is not always guaranteed in all circumstances and users must comply with the safety guidelines to prevent hacking or any loss of cryptocurrency.

1. Recovery sheet with recovery information must be kept in a safe place. Anyone who gains possession of your recovery sheet can then access all of your wallets.

  • Do not take a picture of your recovery sheet (It can be hacked through Cloud server)
  • Do not keep your recovery words in your computer or smartphone.
  • Keep your recovery sheet in a safe place.
  • You must be the only one who knows your recovery words.

2. PIN Code for KASSE also must be carefully managed.

3. Check the address you send when you make a transaction with cryptocurrency.

  • Please check the address you send carefully. You cannot cancel transactions once transactions sent.
  • When you copy and paste a sending address, it can be hacked into your clipboard so please confirm the address when you copy and paste the address.

We will continuously update our security infrastructure to safeguard cryptocurrency assets for our customers. Thank you..